The Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay final is set to be televised live on Sky Sports Action later tonight from 1915 BST.

It will see Keane Barry take on Liam Gallagher and it is the first time that it will be broadcast live instead of the usual highlights.

The match is best of 11 and will be held before the World Grand Prix final tonight giving both Barry and Gallagher big stage experience before a potential World Championship bow in December.

Barry in particular will be one to watch with him already securing his spot at the Alexandra Palace after winning through to the JDC World Championship final and he will look to add to that when he plays later on.

Former winners include Daryl Gurney, Mick McGowan and William O’Connor; with last year’s winner Kevin Burness also going on to achieve some success since joining the PDC Tour.

Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay – Roll of Honour
2008 Shane O’Connor def Garrett Gray 7-3
2009 Aodhagan O’Neill def William O’Connor 7-3
2010 Mickey Mansell def Stephen Byrne 6-4
2011 Connie Finnan def Shan O’Connor 6-4
2012 Daryl Gurney def Campbell Jackson 6-3
2013 Colin McGarry def Connie Finnan 6-4
2014 Daryl Gurney def Radek Szaganski 6-2
2015 Mick McGowan def Tom Biggane 6-5
2016 Mick McGowan def Radek Szaganski 6-5
2017 William O’Connor def Jason Cullen 6-4
2018 Kevin Burness def Mick McGowan 6-3

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Author: Samuel Gill