Toon Greebe started his rehabilitation process this week. The Dutchman had to have right foot amputated at the end of December. He started his rehabilitation on Monday. Before starting this process he first had to undergo a second operation, says Greebe in conversation with Omroep Brabant.

“Some ten centimeters had to be removed from my lower leg, otherwise they could not wear a prosthesis and I would never be able to walk again. I have to learn to walk with crutches in the coming days and learn how to go with a prosthesis. ”

Despite this, Greebe still has every confidence that he will again be able to compete competitively in the future. He will at least do everything to get back to his old level.

“I played quite high again and was involved in qualifying tournaments to compete in the World Championship. That is suddenly over. If I can walk again in twenty weeks, I hope to play darts again in twenty-one weeks. I keep fighting until I play a World Championship again. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill