Christopher Kempf, also known as Ochepedia has compiled the top 50 averages so far in 2019 with Michael van Gerwen atop the rankings as expected.

Four million darts have been thrown by 2,000 players this season with Van Gerwen claiming the honours so far with 100.52. He has some fierce challenges though for the first time in a few years; with Rob Cross only just behind him at 99.05.

This is something which was highlighted by Kempf who said that the accuracy and scoring production has shrunk between the pair; with only Cross’s poor performances against Mighty Mike being the difference.

It can be highlighted further by Van Gerwen’s lack of dominance of sorts in some tournaments; with more different players winning titles.

In terms of the younger players on the circuit; Nathan Aspinall is the youngest player at 27 years old to record an overall average of 95+.

Jeffrey de Zwaan comes shortly after on the list; but this is impressive given his age and relative lack of experience compared to others and shows his rise to the top over the past 18 months.

BDO switchers

Jamie Hughes, Glen Durrant and Mark McGeeney have been the most impressive since switching over with the former two sitting seventh and eighth respectively.

For Hughes it shows how well he’s been playing without getting the results with the Tipton ace more often than not losing with high averages.

‘Duzza’ is confirmed for the World Matchplay though so has shown a remarkable rise since gaining his Tour Card only six months ago.

Steve Welsh/PDC

Photo: Steve Welsh/PDC

Around the World

Kempf also made the observation that in terms of the established professionals that play in different countries; they have reason to be concerned.

Paul Lim averages 90+ on the PDC Asian Tour with Damon Heta, the benchmark in Australia being at 88.72. This is compared to the names below on the main table who are increasing their average all the time.

Of course some of these players akin to the likes of Dimitri van den Bergh may produce better on the big stage; but it is still an interesting talking point whether as the standard increases, will these players be left behind?

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Or will it be quite the opposite; will the introduction of such developments as the PDC Asian Tour be beneficial in bringing up the standard higher?  This has been shown in certain aspects already; with the likes of Lourence Ilagan and Noel Malicdem shining at the World Championship after the introduction of this Tour.

Overall though this table compiled by Ochepedia shows that the gap is closing in; with Michael van Gerwen not being the dominant figure in darts going forward.


Author: Samuel Gill