Darts is a game that is as much professional as it is fun. While it might come across as simple, there is a lot of talent involved in the game, that makes it such a thrill to partake in, as well as watch.

More often than not, the first thought that comes to mind, when one talks about darts, is that of playing in the pub, having a pint of beer, and enjoying a game with friends. It’s no surprise then that when we look at darts-themed slots, a beer glass often comes up on the screen as one of the symbols.

For lovers of the game, there are plenty of options available on online casinos that allow you to make some money and have an enjoyable time. However, before you choose an online casino, it is essential to check if they carry the top online slots in their catalogue. Not only that, but the online casinos should also have games that are of your particular interest. Although the popularity of darts means you will find darts-themed slots in most casinos, some of them offer you an extensive collection, featuring different variations of the game. Profit-making, exciting, and entertaining, here are seven games that every darts lover can enjoy without even getting up from their couch.

Darts Heroes

Amongst the most fascinating dart games online, Dart Heroes is as much for superhero fans as it is for sports ones. The game has the standard 5-reel structure, but features four top players in their superhero avatars as wild cards, making each spin a thrilling experience. The game has a cool 96.06% RTP, medium variance, and 243 ways to win. Its 3D feature, free

spins galore, sticky wilds, multipliers, upbeat background music, along with futuristic graphics, make it a genuinely phenomenal playing option.

Darts Championship

Stepping away from the usual 5×3 reel format, Darts Championship has one extra reel making it one of the best slots for darts lovers. Moreover, the game gives its players all the more chances to win, as it has a total of 60 paylines. This 5×4 video slot features pool balls, beer, and alphabets as symbols. In case you are wondering, the dartboard is the wild symbol. The best thing about the game is that you can have an entire stack of wilds come up on all the reels, leading to magnificent wins. A player can win a maximum of 180000 coins, as well as free spins. There is a bonus game included in this fantastic slot, and standard scatters and substitution symbols pop up time and again.

Darts Roulette

Many players enjoy slots because they are hassle-free. Admittedly, some of the new slots come with plenty of features, but there are still a few that are pretty straightforward. Darts Roulette involves the player selecting a bet, throwing three darts, and then winning an amount based on the wager they made. The graphics in the game are basic with the dartboard being the most colourful element. There are a limited number of buttons on the screen, and the gameplay involves very little on your part.

Rush Darts Live

A virtual sports betting game, Rush Darts Live brings forth the excitement of darts on to your preferred screen. The game features a total of ten players including Peter Manley and Alan Warriner, some of the very best names in the sport. Each competition between two players starts with them having 501 points. The winner is the first one to reach 0. Along the way, players can make bets, based on odds, that range from overall winner to the points total of the next round. You can then choose to watch a video of the player as they throw the darts. This gives the game a realistic feel. Rush Darts Live has an RTP of 95.24% and will especially appeal to sports lovers.

Jackpot Darts

Playtech is one of the leading game developers in the market right now, and Jackpot Darts is one of their best offerings. The game combines the idea of betting and slots as players must bet on the outcome of their throws to win money. They can select from seven different options that include singles, doubles, bullseye, outer bull and the likes. There is a possibility to opt for four different bets per round. What makes the game even more interesting is that it has a progressive slots option as well. You can start it by tapping on the jackpot button. The fact that Jackpot Darts has a pretty impressive 97% RTP rating makes it one of the best dart-themed slots you will ever play.

Double Top Darts

The classic amalgamation of darts with a slot machine, Double Top Darts is a 5-reel game that features symbols consisting of players, darts, a beer glass, and letters. The game has a Return-To-player percentage of 95, which is pretty good considering its variance is medium. There are 20 paylines in this video slot that you can enjoy on your laptop, tablet, or phone. Along with the graphics, the remaining features of the game are pretty standard. It is ideal for fans who want to have a relaxing time while playing, without having to overthink. A bonus game, wild card, and scatter symbols make Double Top Darts an exciting option for players who like to win regularly.

Darts 180

Darts 180 is a fast game that you can play at any time of the day. It was released in 2016 and has been regularly updated ever since, to keep the user interface smooth and responsive. The setup is fundamental with not much going on the screen. Therefore, it will appeal more to mobile game players. Instead of reels, that one typically comes across in slots, the player taps a button to throw three darts in this game. The total of the darts results in you winning or not. With a 95.3% RTP, the game is quite profitable. The bets in Darts 180 range from 0.10 cents all the way up to $10 per round.


Author: Pieter