Glen Durrant topped the standings for the best average at this year’s Lakeside World Championship it has been revealed.

Durrant hit an average of 98.02 in the Quarter-Finals and all his other efforts were also in the list.
This shows how dominant the three time World Champion was this time out.
Also on the list includes Wayne Warren who in his first round hit 97.71 as well as Conan Whitehead in third with 96.25.
The other finalist Scott Waites figured in 7th on the list with a 95.13 in the Quarter-Finals.

Top ten tournament averages during 2019 BDO Lakeside World Championship

Glen Durrant 98.02 (Quarter-Final)
Wayne Warren 97.71 (First Round)
Conan Whitehead 96.25 (Second Round)
Glen Durrant 96.05 (Semi-Final)
Glen Durrant 95.92 (Second Round)
Glen Durrant 95.19 (Final)
Scott Waites 95.13 (Quarter-Final)
Scott Mitchell 94.64 (First Round)
Jim Williams 94.47 (Semi-Final)
Glen Durrant 93.90 (First Round)

Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics

Photo: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics


Author: Samuel Gill