Laura Turner will form part of the Sky Sports coverage for the World Matchplay once more and after a period where women’s darts has come to the foray, she is ‘worried’ about the continued progression of women’s darts after the lockdown.

Turner reflected on the BDO’s Commercial Arm going into liquidation; she said that there will be no tour or World Championship at the moment after the pandemic and that the platform needs to be improved as a result.

“Women’s darts is definitely moving in the right direction but don’t get me wrong I’m worried if we were to open up normally tomorrow – with the amateur side there’s no dedicated World Championships or tour from what I can see going forward,” Turner told the Darts Show podcast.

“It is definitely in a good place in terms of the quality and players coming through, but it’s what platform the majority of women get to play on after lockdown; because you need something there to keep us all playing at a consistent level.”

Steve Brown, a PDC Tour Card holder and chairman of the highly successful JDC recently formed MAD; for Turner, it is exciting news.

“It something that is needed. It looks like Steve is doing it right from the bottom level in trying to create a system which follows the whole way through and I do understand somewhere along the line within this blueprint, women will be catered for.

“What that looks like remains to be seen; but if he can do what he has done with the JDC and take that to the amateur game and the women’s game; from my point of view especially, then it is definitely looking promising.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts



Author: Samuel Gill