Lee Evans, Arron Monk, George Killington and Gary Eastwood are the 4 players remaining at UK Q-School. The first two and latter 2 will face off with the winner of each game winning a card.

The first two players are not a surprise with Evans and Monk being experienced players especially Monk who is a former World Youth Champion. In the other game, 2 unknown players will battle it out for a tour card in Killington and Eastwood.

Both though have some experience with Killington a former Development Tour winner 4 years ago and Eastwood a regular fixture on the Challenge Tour and a previous Last 96 at the UK Open.

Both though were not expected to get through to the deciding game with Eastwood in particular defeating the experienced Ross Smith to get through.

Last Four

Lee Evans |– Arron Monk
George Killington |– Gary Eastwood

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Author: Samuel Gill