The PDC Summer Series begins next week but barring those such as Scott Mitchell who will make up the numbers at the events, the Challenge and Development Tours have been on hold.

An update has been issued by the PDC regarding these events; with a revised calendar currently being worked on as a whole to include these events.

PDC Chief Executive, Matthew Porter spoke about the logistics of staging the Challenge and Development Tour.

He admitted that with players not being fully professional in some cases; it may not be practical to put them under the ‘bubble’ conditions; but that once they receive news about events taking place in August, it will then be fully decided.

“We’d like to reassure all Challenge and Development Tour players that they certainly haven’t been forgotten about; we very much hope to be able to continue those tours in some way this year to give players on those tours further opportunity to compete within a PDC environment,” said Porter.

“Much of the reality of that will depend on whether or not we would need to create ‘bubble’ environments as we are doing for the Summer Series; as they are very costly and place onerous requirements on players which may not be as practical when you are dealing with semi-professional players in many cases.

“Once we have clarity over the August events in respect of whether or not we can stage them as normal; we’ll make an announcement but in the meantime we would urge players to be aware of the financial risks of making travel plans; without insurance or cancellation options.”

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Author: Samuel Gill