The BDO Ladies Ranking has been updated after the World Trophy was completed in Blackburn this past weekend with Lisa Ashton collecting the title and extending her lead at the top of the rankings.

Ashton is on 440 points currently ahead of Mikuru Suzuki who remains unchanged in second place with 383 points.

Aileen de Graaf after a good run despite not winning the title remains in third and extends her lead with Deta Hedman going up to fourth after Fallon Sherrock did not defend her title.

Anastasia Dobromyslova and Lorraine Winstanley who faced off in the latter stages in Blackburn have jumped one space each as well with Laura Turner the player to fall to eighth.

Beau Greaves despite not playing is up to ninth with Trina Gulliver falling to eleventh on par with her first round opponent Casey Gallagher.

Barring that it remains somewhat unchanged with only the players in the higher echelons of the rankings switching places.

View the full Top 25 below:

Updated BDO Ladies Ranking as of 2nd September

1 Lisa Ashton (England) 440
2 Mikuru Suzuki (Japan) 383
3 Aileen de Graaf (Netherlands) 370
4 Deta Hedman (England) 364
5 Fallon Sherrock (England) 360
6 Anastasia Dobromyslova (Russia) 347
7 Lorraine Winstanley (England) 336
8 Laura Turner (England) 334
9 Beau Greaves (England) 286
10 Maria O’Brien (England) 276
11= Casey Gallagher (England) 274
11= Trina Gulliver MBE (England) 274
13 Paula Jacklin (England) 255
14 Tori Kewish (Australia) 240
15 Sharon Prins (Netherlands) 237
16 Kirsty Hutchinson (England) 225
17= Corrine Hammond (Australia) 222
17= Vicky Pruim (Sweden) 222
19 Jo Clements (England) 213
20 Priscilla Steenbergen (Netherlands) 211
21 Margaret Sutton (England) 192
22 Julie Thompson (England) 177
23 Nikki Goldsmith (Wales) 169
24 Andreea Brad (Romania) 167
25 Mandy Smith (England) 144
Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer


Author: Samuel Gill