The BDO rankings have been updated after the BDO World Trophy which was won by Jim Williams, he remains in third place though just behind Richard Veenstra who he defeated in the final in Blackburn.

Martijn Kleermaker and Willem Mandigers lead the charge further down in terms of increase in rankings; with Kleermaker going up to sixth and Mandigers up to seventh which is one spot each.

Scott Mitchell has dropped two spaces on his ranking and is now number eight in the world; whilst Nick Kenny has entered the top 10 and is right behind Michael Unterbuchner.

Further down Andy Hamilton has gone up to 17th going up two places himself after a good performance at the King George’s Hall.

View the full updated Order of Merit below:

1Wesley Harms (the Netherlands)392
2Richard Veenstra (the Netherlands)391
3Jim Williams (Wales)373
4Wayne Warren (Wales)306
5Dave Parletti (England)295
6Martijn Kleermaker (the Netherlands)291
7Willem Mandigers (the Netherlands)288
8Scott Mitchell (England)285
9Michael Unterbuchner (Germany)270
10Nick Kenny (Wales)253
11Gary Robson (England)243
12Adam Smith-Neale (England)226
13Ryan Hogarth (Scotland)224
14Mario Vandenbogaerde (Belgium)222
15Chris Landman (the Netherlands)216
16Scott Waites (England)209
17Andy Hamilton (England)201
18Dave Evans (England)199
19Gary Stone (Scotland)195
20Mark McGeeney (England)188
21Leighton Bennett (England)180
22Sebastian Steyer (Poland)177
23Martin Adams (England)176
24Simon Stainton (England)174
25Ross Montgomery (Scotland)169
26 =Glen Durrant (England)167
26 =Paul Hogan (England)167
28 =Gino Vos (the Netherlands)160
28 =Nick Fullwell (England)160
30Justin Thompson (Australia)156
31 =Francis Carragher (Ireland)155
31 =John Scott (England)155
33Aaron Turner (England)154
34Wouter Vaes (the Netherlands)151
35Craig Venman (England)140
36Dennie Olde Kalter (the Netherlands)139
37Darryl Fitton (England)138
38Tony Martin (England)134
39Tony O’Shea (England)132
40 =Brian Raman (Belgium)129
40 =Jeffrey Sparidaans (the Netherlands)129
42Kyle McKinstry (Northern Ireland)128
43Mark McGrath (New Zealand)127
44Joe Chaney (USA)126
45Thibault Tricole (France)125
46Jeffrey van Egdom (Belgium)124
47 =Adam Mold (England)121
47 =Wez Newton (England)121
49Jitse van der Wal (the Netherlands)119
50Martin Phillips (Wales)115
51Matt Padgett (England)113
52Gary Stafford (England)109
53Cody Harris (New Zealand)99
54Paul Brown (Northern Ireland)98
55 =Ben Hazel (England)97
55 =Derk Telnekes (the Netherlands)97
57Conan Whitehead (England)96
58 =Mark Blandford (Wales)95
58 =Mark Layton (Wales)95
60David Cameron (Canada)93

Author: Samuel Gill