The BDO rankings have been updated after the latest weekend of action in Selsey with Wesley Harms retaining his lead but only just to Jim Williams in second place.

Dave Parletti though has also joined the battle for top spot going into fourth just behind Richard Veenstra and ahead of Scott Mitchell and Wayne Warren.

Warren himself moved up after a brilliant weekend for the Welshman which saw him reach a double final in Selsey in both the England National Singles and England Open.

This weekend also saw Mark McGeeney and Glen Durrant who have both switched to the PDC move out of the top ten which is staggering considering those two were at the top only six months ago.

It does show the dominance of the likes of Harms, Williams and Veenstra since they have left and potentially an ushering in of a new era in BDO darts.

BDO Ranking (June 18)

1Wesley Harms (Netherlands)384
2Jim Williams (Wales)365
3Richard Veenstra (Netherlands)351
4Dave Parletti (England)323
5Scott Mitchell (England)294
6Wayne Warren (Wales)292
7Michael Unterbuchner (Germany)287
8Willem Mandigers (Netherlands)283
9Gary Robson (England)267
10Martijn Kleermaker (Netherlands)262
11Mark McGeeney (England)258
12Glen Durrant (England)242
13Mario Vandenbogaerde (Belgium)225
14Scott Waites (England)222
15Nick Kenny (Wales)219
16Ryan Hogarth (Scotland)217
17Adam Smith-Neale (England)215
18Chris Landman (Netherlands)208
19Andy Hamilton (England)194
20Ross Montgomery (Scotland)189
21Paul Hogan (England)179
22Wez Newton (England)178
23Wouter Vaes (Netherlands)177
24Dave Evans (England)176
25Martin Adams (England)173
26=Gino Vos (Netherlands)160
26=Nick Fullwell (England)160
28Aaron Turner (England)154
29Tony O’Shea (England)153
30Simon Stainton (England)152
31John Scott (England)151
32Sebastian Steyer (Poland)150
33Conan Whitehead (England)149
34Justin Thompson (Australia)146
35=Craig Venman (England)144
35=Martin Phillips (Wales)144
37Francis Carragher (Republic of Ireland)143
38Daniel Day (England)141
39Jeffrey van Egdom (Belgium)137
40Scott Baker (England)133
41Leighton Bennett (England)132
42Jeffrey Sparidaans (Netherlands)129
43Kyle McKinstry (Northern Ireland)128
44Mark Layton (Wales)127
45Adam Mould (England)126
46Matt Padgett (England)125
47Gary Stafford (England)120
48Dean Reynolds (Wales)119
49Darryl Fitton (England)118
50Paul Brown (Northern Ireland)114
51Jitse van der Wal (Netherlands)113
52=Joe Chaney (USA)110
52=Tony Martin (England)110
54=Gary Stone (Scotland)109
54=Thibault Tricole (France)109
56Dennie Olde Kalter (Netherlands)105
57Brian Raman (Belgium)103
58Roger Janssen (Belgium)101
59Rupert Frauendienst (Germany)100
60Mark Blandford (Wales)95
61Derk Telnekes (Netherlands)93
62Daniel Nicholls (England)92
63=Carl Wilkinson (England)91
63=Michael Busscher (Netherlands)91
65James Hurrell (England)90
66Ben Hazel (England)88
67Andreas Harrysson (Sweden)86
68Brian Løkken (Denmark)85
69Cody Harris (New Zealand)83
70=Jason Marriott (England)82
70=Roemer Mooijman (Netherlands)82
72Brian Dawson (England)79
73David Cameron (Canada)78
74=Justin van Tergouw (Netherlands)77
74=Sven Verdonck (Belgium)77
76Mark McGrath (New Zealand)76
77Mal Cuming (Australia)75
78Pal Szekely (Hungary)74
79=Darren Clifford (Northern Ireland)73
79=Leonard Gates (USA)73
81Julio Barbero (Spain)71
82Tom Sawyer (USA)70
83Jeremy Fagg (Australia)69
84Krzysztof Kciuk (Poland)68
85=Erik van Manen (Netherlands)67
85=Jim McEwan (Scotland)67
87=Darren Herewini (New Zealand)66
87=Martin C Atkins (England)66
89=Allan Edwards (England)62
89=Mick Connerton (England)62
89=Mike Warburton (Wales)62
92John Michael (Greece)61
93Silko Visser (Netherlands)58
94Larry Butler (USA)57
95John Kitchin (Australia)56
96=Andy Baetens (Belgium)55
96=Gabriel Pascaru (Romania)55
98=Jeff Smith (Canada)54
98=Matt Clark (England)54

Author: Samuel Gill