At the start of April, Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor played each other in the first iteration of ‘Darts from Home’ which sees players face off in charity soft-tip matches. This in itself saw ‘Barney’ claim victory and their rivalry will continue next week, it has been revealed.

“Gambling company Paddy Power has asked us if we want to play another game against each other, probably that will continue next Wednesday. This time it will be an hour long game and steel tip instead,” said Van Barneveld in an interview with Bureau Sport At Home .

“I actually really liked that and plan to delve a little further into it,” Barney continued on playing soft-tip. “It is very different because the single bull also counts for fifty points. At 68 I go in the steel tip darts for triple 20 and double 4, now you can just go for 18 and bull. Moreover, in that match against Taylor, I missed a nine-darter.”

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Author: Samuel Gill