Michael van Gerwen recently pranked Raymond van Barneveld but for the latter, he didn’t take it badly at all.

Van Gerwen had seen that Van Barneveld sends video messages for a fee and so decided to call his bluff. He contacted his manager and paid 75 euros to put in the message; ‘Dear Michael, you are the best darts player in the world and I stopped because of you’ on the video.

“Jaco (who manages Barney) forwarded it to me, so I thought it was a joke on his part. “No, he really paid 75 euros!” Van Barneveld said in his interview with Bureau Sport.

“I also couldn’t recover. And then I am also sure that he (Van Gerwen) was on the floor laughing. ”

So Van Barneveld had no problem with this joke. “He does things like that and I really appreciate that. If there is one to make me look foolish, it is Michael. ”

Erik Dijkstra who presents the show in which Van Barneveld appeared on also contacted Van Gerwen. “I listen to that clip 40 times a day,” he laughed.

Watch his interview (in Dutch) below:

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Author: Samuel Gill