Raymond van Barneveld has described his final year as a professional darts player as the most terrible year of his life. Barney made this comments after defeating Pal Szekely in the first round at the Dutch Darts Masters.

The five-time world champion has doubts if he can turn around his results in the remaining months of his career. ”It’s the most terrible year of my life. I don’t want to experience this again and thank goodness I don’t have too”, Van Barneveld told NUsport.
Despite a Pro Tour final in April, Van Barneveld is struggling with showing good results. He was knocked out immediately at the World Championship and UK Open, while Holland’s most famous postman dropped out of the Premier League Darts after nine rounds with only one victory.
”I don’t enjoy when I have to push everytime, while I’m hoping for better results. I hit 180’s every time on the practice board, but it’s a completely different story on the stage. Then I start thinking how I can turn this around. Sometimes I don’t know it anymore.”

Eye problems

As well as the disappointing results, it is also not going well on a personal base. He divorced with Silvia van Barneveld after a marriage of 25 years, and on Friday morning he was told by his doctor that there was sugar in his eye. He adviced Barney to visit a specialist.
”That would explain a lot, as I have a blurry vision. But it’s my tool. A carpenter needs his saw and I need my hand and eyes. I have a problem if they are not 100 percent. Simple enough.”

Raymond van Barneveld is not enjoying his farewell season so far.

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Pieter