Raymond van Barneveld has given a frank interview with Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant in the run-up to the publication of his book Game Over.

In that conversation, Van Barneveld shows his frustrations, that despite all his achievements, he is not financially independent yet. The main reason for this is that the prize money of this era is many times higher than at the beginning of this century, when Barney experienced its heyday.

The Dutchman also has to deal with a several expenses, he explains. “You should see it this way: that is a bowl of spinach. If you put it in a pan on the fire, there will be nothing left of it. First of all, 52 percent tax goes off, don’t be afraid, they also arrive at Mr van Barneveld’s door. Secondly, of course I have had expenses all my life. Flights, hotels, also for management, entry fees for tournaments, you all pay that yourself.”

The five-time world champion then gives an example based on the prize money that is linked to winning a world title. “If you see what those young guys are earning in prize money now … With my first world title I won 32,000 pounds, that’s half a million now.”

”Then everyone can say: you have had a wonderful career, you have put darts on the map in the Netherlands, but what do I buy for that? When I’m in the supermarket at the checkout, I just get to hear: that’s 100 euros, sir. Then I can say that I am a five-time world champion, but I really have to pay, you know.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Not financially independent yet

Although the Dutch darting legend admits that he’s not in a bad financial situation, he does not hide his frustration about missing out on the huge prize money nowadays.

”If you have put your soul and salvation in darts for 35 years and you see at the end of your career what amounts are involved? I don’t have it bad at all, with sponsor money and clinics you also take nice amounts, but of course that is a frustration.”

Later in the interview, Van Barneveld once again indicated that he’s not moaning about his own financial situation. If Barney could choose, he would have become darter again.

“It has brought me a lot. I am not financially independent yet, but I can live well. I can go out for a dinner, I can go on vacation when there is more time. I have a fantastic life. And I built that with my own hands.”

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Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC


Author: Pieter