On Thursday evening Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld will face off again rekindling their rivalry. It is not in person though, they will play online.

Van Barneveld and Taylor will play against each other via an electronic soft tip board called the Nexus. The darts supplier Target’s board features a built-in webcam and microphone, allowing players to see each other when they play.

As a result of this, they are playing to raise money for a good cause. Barney plays for a food bank in The Hague, while Taylor is doing so for the NHS.

Van Barneveld has prepared well for the upcoming clash with his rival. Partly due to the coronavirus.

“You are bored a lot and so I have been throwing daily. I hope Phil has prepared well”, the five-time world champion said to AD Sportwereld .

Taylor has won no less than 61 times, compared to eighteen victories for the five time World Champion in all.

According to Barney though, the upcoming game cannot be compared to their previous matches.

“His walk on was always something. Then he played very slowly, at his own pace. I don’t expect it to bother me when he plays from home. Phil now has no tactics or tricks to get me out of the rhythm, I’m going to play my own game. ”

The Dutch darting legend does not rule out more soft tip like Taylor has done in the future. “I cannot rule out a comeback in soft-tip darts. I practice daily again and they have championships in China, Hawaii and Japan.Why don’t I check it out later? The level is decent. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill