Raymond van Barneveld defeated Gerwyn Price last week in the Premier League and afterwards he spoke to Dan Dawson about that game, his fitness and Rotterdam.

’Barney’ spoke about how people ask when he’s going to pack it in and he replied saying ‘it’s not over until I say it’s over’ and Van Barneveld still wants to be part of ‘Barry’s Best’.
When asked about how important the victory was he said this: ‘It was an important game especially when the PDC announced one extra night in Rotterdam but that night is after Judgement Night as a Dutchman its a lot of pressure’
He admitted that his game is good but it’s just not showing: ‘I was practicing really well but on the stage it didn’t happen’ as well as ‘It was never ever consistent’.
He spoke about the UK Open qualifiers and how he went away thinking whether he was done but said his management helped him: ‘Is this me am I done?’ ‘They did a great job to get me back in shape’
Barney then spoke about fitness and that it helps him so he doesn’t sit on his sofa all day: ‘I’m sure fitness will tell your brain Ray your good enough’
‘I want to still belong to Barry’s best’
Last week at the UK Open, Barney came really close to losing to Mike Norton and he admits he should of lost and that is the game now: ‘I should have lost to Norton’ ‘This is the game right now’
Finally to end off he said about how people say he should wipe the floor with all the inexperienced guys but he even says these inexperienced players are the best: ‘All these newcomers are the best in the world and All these players are phenomenal’

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Author: Samuel Gill