Rumours have swirled around ever since Raymond van Barneveld announced his intention to retire that it would not happen.

Van Barneveld once again poured cold water over that saying firmly that he has no plans to extend his career and that he has had enough.

He does hope to extend it in some way though but only till the start of January and playing in the World final.

“I don’t have the feeling that I have to prove anything,” Van Barneveld told Live Darts.

When asked if he would consider extending his career, he replied: “No, never.

“I’ve had enough, this is it.

“We still have the Players Championship Finals and the Worlds, but I’ve made my final decision, I’m giving up on January 1st – or hopefully the 2nd if I have to play the World final!

“I put darts on the map in Holland but we will never ever be so popular without Michael van Gerwen, he’s an amazing player and an unbelievable ambassador for our country,” he added.


Photo: Photosport/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill