Dancing Dimitri van den Bergh won the World Matchplay last week in Milton Keynes but how did this nickname originate?

“It speaks for itself,” explained Van den Bergh to Studio Brussel. “I enter my matches with the song“ Happy ”by Pharrell Williams. When I am ready in full focus, I get a good, fun and funny feeling. Then I started to dance with it and my manager noticed that the audience became very enthusiastic. He told me to do it again, but a little bit more. It has been automatic since then. That is just my image, I am optimistic, happy, cheerful and I radiate that all the time. ”

Antwerp is currently particularly hit hard by the Coronavirus but it isn’t getting him down. “I now just train at home, but with a new, beautiful and big trophy on my side,” Van den Bergh laughs.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill