Vincent van der Voort continued his fine form on the European Tour after the summer. The Dutchman, a quarter-finalist in Mannheim last month, edged out number twelve seed Ian White in the second round.
‘Fast Vinnie’ held his nerve in a legdecider, as he hit double 10 in the eleventh leg to beat his opponent 6-5. Stephen Bunting put in a decent performance, as he averaged nearly a ton in a 6-4 defeat of local hero Rene Eidams. Dave Chisnall overcame James Wilson (6-4), while Joe Cullen was the better of Steve West (6-2).
Dave Chisnall (90.69) 6-4 (88.8) James Wilson
Joe Cullen (91.62) 6-2 (77.33) Steve West
Ian White (99.46) 5-6 (96.11) Vincent van der Voort
Stephen Bunting (99.87) 6-4 (96.13) Rene Eidams


Author: Pieter