Vincent van der Voort performed very well at the World Matchplay 2020. Nevertheless, the Dutchman is left with a mixed feelings after his participation.

Van der Voort became involved in an incident with referee Kirk Bevins. “You realize you have given away an opportunity to reach the semi-finals. You start looking for an excuse. But at the end the referee was right. I just misunderstood him. I thought he said I stepped on the oche too early, because he pointed to the oche. But he meant that I did an underarm throw. It seemed this rule exists for a year already, but I didn’t know that. If it’s the rule, then of course he’s right. I just misunderstood him ”, Van der Voort told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

The 44-year-old Dutchman already apologized on Twitter but not yet personally with the referee himself. “I’ll do that next time. When I see him again, I’ll walk to him. If you are wrong, then you are wrong. That’s easy enough. I thought I was right, then you react a little over the top. That shouldn’t happen and then you just have to be a big boy and apologize. ”

Missed a golden opportunity

Van der Voort is still disappointed that he missed a place in the Semi-Finals as a result. “You have to take this on your chin and continue again. This was a golden opportunity to reach the final once or even to win the tournament. That is clear to me.”

With a 14-12 lead in the Quarter-Finals against Glen Durrant, Van der Voort needed only two more legs to win the game. At that time he missed double 12 to move one leg away from victory. “That could make all the difference if that one arrow on the double goes in, but it didn’t go in.”

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Author: Pieter Verbeek