Darts like many sports has taken a big hit when it comes to the Coronavirus outbreak and for Vincent van der Voort that could effect him long term.

Van der Voort has long suffered with injury problems but has still competed at the highest level and is also one of the most sought after players on the exhibition circuit.

The Dutch Destroyer admitted in a recent interview that he will have to play on longer than anticipated in order to reach the potential earnings that will see him retire and that it affects not only PDC but in future exhibition work.

“My plan was to play darts for another five years. Take everything out and it would be ready. That will probably not work now, I will have to continue longer. I am missing a lot of income now. Besides the prize money, about half of my income consists of exhibitions and television work for RTL. That all falls away now, and no one knows for how long. Some even fear for a year, you really shouldn’t think about that, ”said the Dutchman to AD Sportwereld .

The Coronavirus naturally also potentially influences potential new sponsors. “I was working on a few new sponsors with my manager, but they are now also saying: we are just waiting. Logical. There is uncertainty, it really keeps me busy. ”

van der Voort is therefore very disappointed that he has to use his savings now instead of when he finishes his career. “In my career I used money wisely, I saved a few things. But I didn’t want to use that money just yet, it was meant for after my career. We darters do not have a pension fund. Until ten years ago you didn’t make big money in sports, you couldn’t put anything aside. ”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill