Michael van Gerwen saw off Mervyn King in the Quarter-Finals at the Players Championship Finals but did not hold back during his interview afterwards.

Van Gerwen said that King was complaining at everything and did not want to make it a game with gripes about the wind and the dartboard.

“Mervyn didn’t want to make it a game. He was complaining about everything, the wind, the dartboards, but I had the same.” said Van Gerwen afterwards to ITV.

King as usual was bothered with his back and Van Gerwen called him bad for darts and said that if he has that much of a problem why does he still play.

‘Merv was the old Merv and people like that are bad for darts. If you have that much of a problem with your back, why would you play?”

Van Gerwen has previously been critical of King and said earlier this season that he was a disgrace to darts and that for him if people want to beat him they have to push him.

”He was not even trying [to beat me]. A disgrace for darts”, said Van Gerwen in February 2019 after a Pro Tour clash.

”Things like this should not happen in darts. I always give hundred percent. No one can ever judge me on that. If people want to beat me, then they need to push me. For the rest, I don’t care.”


Author: Samuel Gill