Richard Stanway can rightly be named one of Michael van Gerwen’s greatest fans. The darts fan from Kidderminster collects everything about the Dutch darts champion. His collection has been expanded to about 150 different items.

The collection consists of (signed) shirts, photos, darts, cases , flights, scarf, dart board and even tournament programs. The collection started with a limited set of darts from Van Gerwen’s old supplier, Stanway tells The collection was then expanded rapidly from four years ago.

The passion for the sport is the reason behind the collection. “The reason I collect these items is because I love darts. It is interesting to search for all kinds of different items. ”

He decided to collect everything from his favorite darts player. “I admire his hunger for winning matches and tournaments. His passion for the game is fantastic. He is a great ambassador for the sport and exciting to watch.”

Stanway has also had the honor to meet his idol. At an exhibition tournament in December, he attended a meet & greet with the Dutchman. “He was very funny and friendly,” says the Englishman about this meeting. “I showed him a picture of my collection and he was amazed.”

Of all the collectors, a shirt from the Grand Slam of Darts 2017 final signed and worn by Van Gerwen is the most precious for the 30-year-old Stanway. “I won that shirt during an auction. The money raised went to a foundation called Children in Need.”


Author: Samuel Gill