The Premier League has ended for this year barring the Play-Offs to decide the overall winner featuring Michael van Gerwen, Michael Smith, Gary Anderson & Rob Cross.

At the end of the tournament we have the statistics for the league phase with Van Gerwen unsurprisingly leading 3/5 of the tables.

He first of all won the league of course despite not having his best year in terms of wins. He lost out to Peter Wright twice, Gary Anderson and Raymond van Barneveld meaning 4 losses for the World Number One.

‘Mighty Mike’ though was far and away the winner of the league phase though with Michael Smith finishing second in the end after initially getting written off.

He also leads the tournament averages with 103.56 overall this is compared to Gary Anderson in second who had 99.11 overall.

Daryl Gurney lead the 180’s with ‘Superchin’ known as one of the biggest power scorers in the game and one of the biggest revelations of this years’ Premier League. Rob Cross also on debut was the best in terms of checkout percentages hitting 46% of his doubles.

Finally Van Gerwen was top of the 100+ checkouts with 20 overall. This shows how good he is at finding the big checkouts at the right time which has won him a lot of his titles.

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Author: Samuel Gill