Michael van Gerwen believes that the tournaments cannot be resumed until all PDC Tour Card holders are able to attend.

While the corona virus was already building up steam in Europe, two Players Championship tournaments were played earlier this month. However, this meant some players were unable to travel to these tournaments, while some players also had to head back home after one tournament as countries decided to close their borders.

“The PDC also understood that it was very bad because there was a kind of competition distortion in this way, but they could no longer cancel it at the last minute,” Van Gerwen told NU.nl.

Despite that, the Dutchman was not surprised that these tournaments continued. In the same week, a round of the Premier League Darts was completed in Liverpool . Thousands of fans were present there.

“I did not find that unusual, because they are not as affected yet in England as they are in the Netherlands. They are a week behind us. I assume that there are enough experts in every country, including England, who know what they are doing. ”

“The important thing is that the virus is well controlled. In any case, I will stay indoors in the near future. It is not without reason that the cabinet and RIVM are calling this. Of course I also have my wife who is very pregnant, so you have to pay a little attention.”

Small-scale tournaments to take place?

Last week, PDC players received an email stating that they were doing its best to accommodate players in this uncertain time when they are also unable to earn any prize money.

It has been said that PDC chairman Barry Hearn is busy potentially organizing small-scale tournaments. Van Gerwen confirmed that rumor.

“I know that the PDC has asked some players to do some streaming events, but that will be difficult for Europeans. We can’t get across. I am not there: something should only continue if all those involved can be there. You shouldn’t do something with just the English players. ”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill