Michael van Gerwen reviewed his lost World Championship final and said that from his perspective, laziness crept in against Peter Wright.

“I have analyzed the game. I learnt that not all of them just stand out. I made a mistake and made multiple mistakes. That should not happen at a World Championship. Then that is the result, “said Van Gerwen in an interview with NUSport.

The multiple World Champion admitted that the issue was that his best game couldn’t come out due to who he was facing. He saw off the likes of Stephen Bunting, Jelle Klaasen and Nathan Aspinall en route who will testing him did not push him. Despite losing though he is confident of recapturing that form.

“I wasn’t really tested until the final and didn’t have to show my best game. There has been some laziness that has crept in on from me there. I can only blame myself for that. I’m a big boy, so I have to take it on my chin. “

“I have lost a World Championship final before, against Taylor in 2013. Unfortunately, that kind of thing is part of it too. I’m not a robot either. I am now going to pick up the dart again and constantly try to achieve a high level. I have every confidence in that. ”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Samuel Gill