Richard Veenstra reached the second round at the 2019 BDO Lakeside World Championship after a nail-biting thriller against Nigel Heydon. They had to play a sudden-death leg to decide the winner after five sets.

During an exciting last fifth set Heydon hit a stunning 132 checkout to level the match at 3-3, while Veenstra was waiting on a double to throw for the match.
‘The Undertaker’ took a 5-4 lead, but the Dutchman forced a legdecider as he hit a 13-dart leg against the throw. Veenstra took the advance to start the last leg and claimed victory with a 35 finish.
Veenstra, a former Lakeside semi-finalist, takes on Scott Waites in the second round. The number eight seed defeated Jeffrey van Egdom with 3-1 in sets. Krzysztof Kciuk beat Brian Lokken from Denmark in the Preliminary Round.
There was another shock in the ladies event as Maria O’Brien overcame Deta Hedman with 2-0 in sets. Four-time ladies World Champion Lisa Ashton was beaten by Mikuru Suzuki on Saturday, as the number two and third seed are out of the tournament.
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Afternoon session schedule

Scott Waites (86.55) 3-1 (82.08) Jeffrey Van Egdom
Brian Lokken (77.16) 1-3 (79.38) Krzysztof Kciuk
Deta Hedman (67.53) 0-2 (70.80) Maria O’Brien
Richard Veenstra (89.67) 3-2 (93.09) Nigel Heydon

Evening session schedule

19:00 Roger Janssen Vs Wouter Vaes
20:15 – Fallon Sherrock Vs Corrine Hammond
20:45 – Mark McGrath Vs Adam Smith-Neale
22:00 – Wayne Warren Vs Mark Layton

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Author: Pieter