A remarkable moment occurred during the final of the World Grand Prix between Daryl Gurney and Simon Whitlock. ‘Superchin’ won a leg, but at the time of celebration, it seems he tried to barge into the ‘The Wizard’.
Sky Sports commentators Wayne Mardle and Rod Studd then reported that Gurney had received an official warning from the tournament board also known as the DRA (Darts Regulation Authority) during the break of a set for this behavior.

At the end of the final, Gurney also saw that he had crossed the line with his behavior during the final. In an interview with RTL reporter Arjan van der Giessen, Gurney offered his apologies and the reporter was one f the first to report on Twitter that Gurney was in face warned for his conduct (tweeted translated into English): ”Checked by organisation. Gurney got an official warning because of his behavior after fourth set towards Whitlock.”

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Author: Samuel Gill