Vincent Kamphuis was able to extend his stay at the PDC by at least two years at the last minute. The Dutchman lost his Tour Card at the end of 2017, but conquered this to regain the coveted card on the final day of the Q-School.

The Dutchman had to hand in a tremendous effort to recoup his Tour Card. The 37-year-old darter had collected five points after three days of Q-School. A final spot or a day victory was needed to get a Tour Card at the end of the ride.

Kamphuis started with narrow victories over Maik Kuivenhoven and Erik Tautfest, after which Marcel Gugger was beaten by 5-0. A 5-3 victory over Dirk van Duijvenbode followed, after which Krzysztof Ratajski was also tied to the triumph. In the semifinal, a key match with Diogo Portela from Brazil awaited.

The winner of this game would take the last Tour Card. After an equal start (2-2), Kamphuis won three legs in a row for the win. That he lost the final of Gabriel Clemens, was not allowed to spoil the fun. The mission after four days of Q-School was successful.

“There are no words for this”, Kamphuis stammered to Jacques Nieuwlaat. “I have been playing the laces from my shoes for four days. I lose three days in a row, while I was actually the better player. Then you have only one day left. ”

“Just like two years ago, I win the Tour Card on the last day of the Q-School. It was a bit of a problem now and then, but you also need it. Against Portela it was either there or beneath it and the luck was on my side. ”

“Now I can join the big boys again. This is actually child’s play and that is not meant to be bad. Once you have your Tour Card, the misery actually starts. Then the game you show here is not good enough. Then everything has to go within fifteen arrows, everything you miss is deadly. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill