James Wade is a former multiple major champion and regarded as one of the best players on the circuit but he has gone backwards in the past 18 months with poor results on the oche which lead to his Premier League exclusion but he has started to become the ‘Machine’ he is known for again.

Wade has admitted in an interview with LiveDarts that this has come down to going into every tournament dreading it due to personal problems which he has said he has put behind him. He has also said now that’s not the case and he can go into 2018 with a lot of open boxes and open questions.

“Last year I dreaded every tournament I went to because me and my wife were going through personal circumstances.

“We didn’t spend any time together, it was chaos and all over the place.

“This year, I believe we’ve ticked a few boxes and a lot of the headache has eased behind us.

“There’s still a long road for me and my wife and things around us, but we’re looking forward to it.”

He then spoke about the season ahead to end off and admitted that there is a lot of open boxes but he’s looking forward to it.


“There’s a lot of open boxes, open questions and I’m looking forward to it,” he added.




Author: Samuel Gill