James Wade has rejoined the Premier League line-up for this year and had given his thoughts on the Contenders concept.

Wade disagrees with it and said that some players are better than others in an interview with Sporting Life. Also he thinks it’s not a fair way of doing it.
“I think the whole idea of having different opponents for different players is incorrect. You’ve got different standards of players playing in different places and for those points to be used is beyond me. I won’t go into the names of the players who I think are better than others but some have easier games.”
“It’s not a fair way of doing it. But whoever makes the rules has decided this and you’ve got to respect that and get on with it. I’m sure all the players agree on that point but it is what it is.
“However I think it’s great that the younger players and those who haven’t done it before are getting an opportunity to get involved. It’s great for them and maybe it’s an idea they’ll keep forever now.
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Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill