James Wade has spoken about a part of the game that he has described as ‘a disease’ in gamesmanship and cheating and the prevelance of this on the PDC circuit.

The nine-time major winner has seen the sport change over the past 16 years and said it is a ‘shame’ that this supposedly happens calling the last three years in particular as main spots for it occurring.

“I’m not interested in that new part of darts,” Wade told Metro.co.uk. “All that crap that goes along with it, if you want it that bad you can have it.

“I know it’s for massive amounts of money and I need the money as much as the next man, but if you want it that bad you can have it. It’s a shame that the game really has gone that way. I would say even more so the last three years it’s become rife.”

“It seems to have been a disease that’s spread through darts, it’s weird. It’s funny what money will make people do.”

According to Wade, if this was cut out, the success of these players would be minimised and the Order of Merit would change as a result.

“I try not to blow up too often when it is happening, but when I do they think it’s me acting up, but little do they know it’s usually their favourites that are the worst ones at it,’ Wade added. “If all that crap was cut out of it and people could just get on with it, the rankings would be vastly different that’s for sure. They would be vastly different.”

“I can honestly say every tournament I’ve ever won, I’ve never done anything untoward. I might have taken my darts slowly out the board or something, but I can put hand on heart and say any tournament I’ve won I’ve not done any extreme tactics or cheating. Sorry it’s called gamesmanship now.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill