James Wade saw off Keegan Brown in a brilliant comeback win and afterwards he spoke to DartsNews.com about his potential Premier League inclusion and how his experience got him through.

He also spoke about his tie with Ryan Joyce in the next round and admitted he’s a great player. ‘He’s a great player and I’ve played him on a few occasions and same as most players players who don’t have a predominant name in the sport, he’s very good’, said Wade.

On whether his experience got him through the match he said that it did but also that he was quite weak.

‘My experience got me through but I was also quite weak so a bit of luck will help me five perent and you’ll see a different James Wade.’

Also on the Premier League, he spoke of how he believes he’s always been good enough but is potentially not as fashionable as other players.

‘In my opinion, I’ve always been good enough for the Premier League. I’ve been there and done it. I don’t want to sound conceited but I’ve won more than most people and I can deal with the Premier League.’

He added: ‘I think I’m good value, I’m perhaps not as fashionable as other players.’

Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for DartsNews.com


Author: Samuel Gill