James Wade revealed his disappointment before the Premier League Play-off Finals on Thursday night at receiving a DRA fine for his conduct at the World Championship.

As reported by Dartsnews in April, Wade was fined £5,000 for this and speaking to Metro; he admitted that they didn’t take into account his well documented mental health issues.
He added that for him because he doesn’t have a plaster that it’s not recognised by people.
‘I got fined for it, I got fined £5,000 for it,’ Wade told Metro.co.uk.
‘They didn’t take into consideration my mental illness or anything, because I didn’t go and see a psychiatrist because I refused to go and see one.
‘Every time I go and see one it’s brought up again, I’ve had six years of seeing psychiatrists and I’m sick of it, I don’t want to do it.
‘It wasn’t taken into consideration because I had to prove that I have bipolar and ADHD. They know I do, but they wanted me to prove it.
‘I’ve had so many tests and loads of shit and I won’t do it, I’d rather just take the £5,000 fine and hopefully one day they’ll get bored of me.
‘Hopefully they don’t do it to anyone else because there are other people in darts who have got problems but they don’t talk about it. I talk about it to try and help people.
‘It’s really important, because now I’m fine, but if I’m having a funny five minutes I can’t deal with social situations and it needs to be understood.
‘Because you haven’t got a plaster cast or a scar, it’s not recognised by a lot of people.’

Steve Welsh/PDC

Photo: Steve Welsh/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill