James Wade has downed his darts and turned to helping out in a garage in Aldershot to help key workers keep moving during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wade founded Precision Auto Services, where he is working with his father Martin in 2012 but of course isn’t home as often as most due to his darting career.

Now though he is doing this not only to help but to also keep himself in the ‘right frame of mind’ and is offering a 20 percent discount for those who are key workers.

“To keep myself in the right frame of mind I work on cars, which are my passion,” said Wade.

“I can feel my happiest at the garage; there is no one there to judge me but myself.”

“When people recognise me, they often ask if I am worried about hurting my hand – but I tell them, ‘If that happens, I won’t stop living. I’m doing this because I enjoy it.’

“It’s a nice feeling when you have done a hard day’s work in the garage – you can’t beat a manual job, having dinner, putting your feet up and getting moaned at by the wife!”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill