Scott Waites is one of the most recognisable figures from the BDO but this January like many he decided to give the PDC a go and after many years, he finally joined the tour and he has left his job as a result to become a full time professional.

For Waites who gave in his notice shortly after winning his Tour Card, it has all come to a halt of sorts with the Coronavirus break meaning that he is now not working at all but he is ready to practice and give it his all.

“It was the last day of my full time job on Wednesday,” Waites told ‘I gave my notice when I got my tour card and I’ve been waiting for them to take somebody on so I can train them up a little bit.

“I don’t think I’ve made a bad start to the PDC so far, considering. I’ve got £6,000 so far in prize money, but I’m not getting past the third round of the tour competitions and that’s where the money starts to increase.

“I’m hoping now I’ve completely stopped work and I can get that little bit more practice in, I can get my average up from around about 100 to maybe 105 which will start help me win some of these third, fourth round games and I can give all those other guys a game.

“I don’t think I’ve done bad. If you’ve got a job and you’re trying to do this, I don’t think at this sort of level you can keep your job, practice enough and keep the standard going that you need.”

“I had a go at Q School last year and didn’t get a card,’ said the 43-year-old. ‘I played on the Challenge Tour a bit last year.

Current state of BDO

The former Grand Slam of Darts and World Champion also discussed the current state of the BDO who he was with until this past January when he joined the PDC.

It has been a tumultuous time for the organisation who recently had Des Jacklin resign and Waites admits the writing was on the wall.

“You could see over the last 12 months the demise of the BDO. Our rankings tournaments weren’t on TV.

“The World Masters was our second biggest tournament, that was bad. The World Trophy seemed to go by the wayside, with 50 spectators in the room, including players.

‘It wasn’t the same, they weren’t making any effort to make it any better. Luckily enough I played well for the last day at Q School, managed to win the day and get the Tour Card, which is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done.

‘Everyone’s fighting for their lives there, if you’re out, you’re out. It can really make or break your life.’’

Issues with Coronavirus

Like alluded to Waites has quit his full time job in order to play on the PDC Tour and he said that it is going to be a long slog as a result when they do return with the amount of tournaments that may have to be cancelled.

“I just wish this coronavirus was coming in January because I’d have left my job open,” he said.

“I know I’d have been at home like I am now, but at least someone else would have been paying my bills. It’s probably too complicated to just go back for a bit.

“I’ve still got a few sponsors that will help pay the bills in between, but ultimately if I’m not paying competitive darts, the proper money isn’t starting at the minute.

“I’m quite sure Barry Hearn will get something sorted soon and I firmly expect everything will be midweek and at weekends, it’s going to be a busy six months when we’re back!

“I think you’ll be able to tell who has been practising or not during the break.”

Simon Drake/Tip Top Pics

Photo: Simon Drake/Tip Top Pics


Author: Samuel Gill