Scott Waites is through to the Quarter-Finals at Lakeside after overcoming Richard Veenstra.

He spoke afterwards and admitted that he was surprised about the one sided nature of the tie.
‘If somebody would have said you’re going to win 4-1 tonight I’d have taken that, I thought it would have been really close maybe 4-3 either way. As it happens he didn’t play as what I thought he would do,’ said Waites.
On his next opponent Conan Whitehead, he said that while he put in a good performance; he will have to step it up against him.
‘That’s probably the best he’s played on stage and it’s probably the best game he’s played. You suddenly have to step up again and hopefully I sort that double 18 out, if I find it i’ll up my average by 10 or 15 points.’
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Author: Samuel Gill