The action has concluded at the Slovak Masters and Open with the likes of Wayne Warren and Lorraine Winstanley claiming titles.

Warren edged past David Evans in a closely fought final 6-5 to win his second singles title since his BDO World Championship win.

In the ladies, it was Maria O’Brien who claimed the better over pairs partner Deta Hedman in a 5-4 victory.

Then it was the Slovak Open with Dutch ace Chris Landman easing past Sebastian Steyer 6-1 to claim the title.

In the Ladies, it was closer though with Lorraine Winstanley only defeating Laura Turner 5-4 to cap off a brilliant two days of action in Slovakia.

Slovak Masters

Mens Final: Wayne Warren 6-5 David Evans
Ladies Final: Maria O’Brien 5-4 Deta Hedman

Slovak Open

Men’s Final: Chris Landman 6-1 Sebastian Steyer
Ladies Final: Lorraine Winstanley 5-4 Laura Turner


Author: Samuel Gill