Wayne Warren is through to the semi-finals at the Romanian Classic Darts Open in Romania. The Welshman plays on Sunday afternoon in the semi-final against Nick Fullwell.

Warren is playing his first tournament since winning the BDO world title earlier this month. On the way to the final four, Warren beat Louikas Trypinioti and Steve Giddings, among others.

His next opponent Fullwell defeated Franceso Raschini and Brian Løkken. The other semi-final is between Marti Santamaria and Jason Lovett.

Click here to view the prize fund breakdown and points overview for the 2020 Romanian Darts Festival.

Last 16

Wayne Warren 4-2 Louikas Trypinioti
Steve Giddings 4-0 Davie Kirwan
Nick Fullwell 4-1 Franceso Raschini
Brian Løkken 4-3 Evangelos Flourentzou
Marti Santamaria 4-1 Sven Verdonck
Gergely Lakatos 4-2 Craig Venman
Jason Lovett 4-3 Patrik Kovacs
Gabor Petracs 4-1 Tom Burquel


Wayne Warren 4-1 Steve Giddings
Nick Fullwell 4-0 Brian Løkken
Marti Santamaria 4-2 Gergely Lakatos
Jason Lovett 4-2 Gabor Petracs


Wayne Warren – Nick Fullwell
Marti Santamaria – Jason Lovett


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Author: Samuel Gill