Wayne Warren is into the BDO World Championship final and will take on Jim Williams in an all-Welsh encounter this evening after defeating Scott Mitchell.

Warren spoke afterwards and said that he potentially gave too much respect to Mitchell due to how nice of a guy and how good of a player he is and his only nerves pre-match were about the pace of the game.

“I felt confident all week, the way it started I thought it was going to take a good guy to beat me but the game today I think I gave too much respect to Scott (Mitchell) because he’s such a nice guy and he’s a brilliant player,” said Warren to BDO Darts.

“He’s sort of slow, not purposefully but I like to get into a rhythm. It was no nerves just how do I get around beating him; he didn’t punish me on my mistakes and I did on his.”

“It’s another day, it’s a final and I’ll treat it as another game. To be in a World final is a dream come true.”


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Author: Samuel Gill