Wayne Warren at the age of 57 has claimed the 2020 BDO World Championship making him the oldest first time winner of a World title ever after he beat his fellow Welshman, Jim Williams in the final 7-4.

Warren alongside Peter Wright who won the PDC World Championship have both shown that age is just a number with their recent wins and for ‘Yank’ it was about the words his dad said to him when he was seriously ill that one day he would be World Champion which made it even more emotional for him.

“This is unreal. When I threw the winning double, I immediately thought of my parents. A few years ago, my father was already seriously ill and at the time, he said from his hospital bed that his son would one day be world champion. I couldn’t believe it then, but look where I am now. ”

Just like in the semi-final against Scott Mitchell, Warren went 2-0 behind in sets. “Nevertheless, I didn’t throw badly, it was mainly Jim’s merit that we also achieved a high level. In the middle of the game I got a little tired and the break made me feel good. Afterwards I had more energy to finish it. I also want to thank the audience, it was an incredible atmosphere to throw in tonight. ”

“At my age you start thinking about things faster, that sometimes annoys me during competitions. In the coming weeks and months, I will mainly enjoy this world title. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill