Wayne Warren claimed the BDO World Championship title last month in a brilliant display from the 57 year old to defeat Jim Williams in the final.

Despite that doubts were all to see all tournament in terms of the prize fund and this meant a winners’ cheque of only £23,000 in the end with the BDO late to pay this as well.

He spoke about it in a recent interview with Red Dragon and said that while he thought of how good it was to win the trophy, the money does cross through his mind.

The roofer by trade also spoke about his decision not to play in PDC Q-School and said that he couldn’t get himself up for it.

“We knew things weren’t right by a mile,” said Warren to Red Dragon Darts.

“The prestige is winning the trophy, simple. But once you’ve lifted that cup you think about the money.

“I didn’t know what money I was going to get.

“I heard various different figures but when I actually had the figure told to me, it was gutting really.

“I’ve got the cup now and that’s it really, you’ve just got to get on with it.”

“I came back from The O2 and to be honest I was mentally and physically tired,” added Warren.

“I phoned my manager and I said about not going and he said ‘sit down and have a think about it’, which I was doing.

“Then I had an email about the money situation and to be honest, in my head, it was pointless me going up there.

“I can’t go to a tournament like that, especially a big one like Q School.

“Then I thought to myself, I need to generate money from that cup [BDO World Championship] so I’m going to be as busy as I can this year.

“I just didn’t want to do the tour, I can’t do the two together.

“PDC next year? Maybe.

“I hope it’s going to be a very busy year, that’s my plan, to push in as much work as I can.

“I’ll do the odd couple of tournaments but it won’t be as it was last year, no way.”

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Author: Samuel Gill