Peter Wright is a changed man – according to Snakebite himself.

The Scot defeated Michael van Gerwen 7-5 in Cardiff for a first Premier League success over the world number one. It ends an unfortunate run of Wright losing out against the Dutchman after being in a strong position. He has vowed to begin a new chapter following the hoodoo-breaking victory.

“I should have beaten Michael in the UK Open qualifier (UKOQ2) but I let him off – same with Michael Smith. I was in control of the game and I let him off in the end,” Wright said.

“But that’s down to stupidity and getting used to losing weight, throwing darts slightly different and stuff like that. I’m going to get there.”

Wright infamously missed six match darts in last year’s Premier League final, as van Gerwen recovered from 7-2 down to win 10-9. Snakebite insisted that the heartbreaking loss has simply strengthened his character.

He said: “I’ve most definitely learned from last year. Every time I play Michael I always let him off. If you watch all the games me and Michael play, I let him off. He let me off tonight to be honest, it’s about time.

“Losing last year’s final makes me focus. Yes I can make and reach the finals of these majors especially the Premier League that’s one of the hardest, so it was great to get to the final two.

“I managed that last year and I should have won it. Think about the Premier League final missing doubles, no I’m not going to miss doubles.”

The Mendham man recently hit back at calls to stop regularly switching the darts he uses. But he may consider changing that policy.

“I’ve been told by lots of people I should be using my diamond darts, get rid of the rest and yes, I will. I will play well with these, and you watch out,” he warned.

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Author: Edward McCosh