Wayne Mardle has criticised the DRA for its treatment of Mickey Mansell.

It was revealed that the Clonoe Cyclone was fined £500 for ‘not playing to the best of his ability’ after the PDC World Championship. Mansell lost against Jim Long in the first round, averaging just 75. Though Mansell won’t contest the charge, Mardle was wound up by the DRA’s decision.
“There’s no consistency with the DRA,” the pundit said in a Live Darts interview.
“I’ve said this for a long time, they’re kind of making up their own rules as they go along.
“Where I’ve got a problem with Mickey Mansell’s fine is the description of what happened.
“Not playing to the best of his ability – well, fine me a million!”

Unwise words

Mardle picked holes in the DRA’s wording, which Mansell himself had questioned in a statement.
“If the DRA nip that in the bud with ‘bringing the game into disrepute’ – that ends it.
“But the description of not playing to the best of his ability was poor.
“I think it’s nonsense and I thought they did half a job,” he said.

PDPA pressure

It wasn’t just the DRA who the Sky Sports commentator had a bone to pick with. The PDPA, who published Mansell’s statement, were too passive for Mardle’s liking.
“I’m not happy with the DRA at all, but I’m also not happy with the PDPA – they’ve got to look after the players better,” Mardle fumed.
“I understand they get representation, but it’s got to be quality representation.
“There’s no point in saying ‘we’re here for you, we can help you’, no, make sure you can help them.

Bully culture

‘Hawaii 501’ knew how to toe the line during his playing career – though there were plenty of peers who received more punishment.
“I’ve always felt that the DRA kind of bullies players into paying fines.
“I didn’t like it when I played and I don’t like it now.”

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Author: Ed McCosh