Wayne Mardle shared his thoughts on what he feels is a flawed major in the Grand Slam of Darts.

The Grand Slam of Darts stands out in the calendar as an event which brings the BDO and PDC together. It has made for some memorable moments, some of which Mardle himself was involved in. However, the Sky Sports pundit isn’t keen on the event being ranked, and points to an imbalance in how it works.

“I’ve got a bit of a thing about this,” Mardle told Live Darts.

“When they went to Sky Sports and said ‘we want an event for BDO and PDC to go head-to-head.

“Well, why was it never 16 players versus 16 players?”

Mardle believes that this decision set a precedent which still needs to be put right.

“So in the very first year, it went wrong. And it kept being, in my opinion, unfair towards the BDO.

“Eight and 24 [ratio of BDO to PDC players] – they’re up against it every time.

“The BDO, don’t tell me there’s not world class pros there, there are.

“I believe that making it a ranked event was a mistake. Yet another mistake to do with the Grand Slam.

“I still want to see 16 against 16.”

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

They are the champions

Discussing the selections themselves. Mardle had a bone to pick with the way in which players are chosen on both sides. Barry Hearn has said that all three BDO world champions – Glen Durrant, Leighton Bennett and Mikuru Suzuki – should have wildcards. It’s an idea that Mardle is fully on board with.

“I like the event, I’m not a lover of how the BDO and PDC players are selected.

“I do agree with it [Hearn’s suggestion], I agree with it fully. If I was the BDO, I would want Glen Durrant, Leighton Bennett and Mikuru [Suzuki]  in it.

“They’re not just fantastic players. They’re different class. They’d make me watch!”

“Barry’s all about the product. That would sell the product. The BDO have to understand that putting them would sell the BDO.

“That would put them in such a great light. Between Des Jacklin and Barry Hearn, I think they just need to use some common sense and put them in.”

Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics

Photo: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics


Author: Ed McCosh