Due to Coronavirus, darts has come to a halt but DartsNews as a result takes a look back at some historic and in this case a hilarious moment with Darren Webster from the past.

Speaking to Live Darts TV, he recalled a visit to a kebab shop 11 years ago which went wrong: “I was in Holland with Adrian Lewis and we were walking back from the venue and I said to him do you want something to eat so he said yeah I’ll have a kebab.

So I said I’ll get it and I came back. I must have been in this kebab house about an hour and a half and I got back to the room and he’s panicking.

I go whatever’s up with you and he goes I phoned the police and told them you’d been kidnapped and I said you what. All the Dutch police are all over the streets looking for you because I told them you’d been kidnapped.”

He continued: “When I phoned the police they asked me how old is he, he said I’m over 40 but I am worried because he is only this tall. I then had to go down to the police station and tell them I wasn’t actually kidnapped. That really sticks out in my mind.”


Author: Samuel Gill