Mark Webster is one of a few big names who won’t be competing at the PDC World Championship and he will have to head to Q-School in January as well.

Webster said about losing his Tour Card that he didn’t think it would ever come to this and that despite playing well at times in the past few months, he left it well too late and that he believes he hasn’t been good enough.

“I’m disappointed,” Webster said to Live Darts. “I didn’t think it would come to this.

“You have ruts in sport which is part of it and I knew it was going to be difficult to maintain the highs of 2011 and 2012 but I didn’t envisage my Tour Card to be gone.

“It is what it is and I’ve just got to deal with it and have a plan going forward.

“I’ve played better the last few months but I’ve left it far too late.

“Even though my form was better I wasn’t picking up enough wins.

“I haven’t won my board [on ProTour] all year and that highlights my problem, my biggest pickup in two years has been three grand so I’ve just not been good enough.

“A lot of people have a poke at the system, the system’s fair and I just haven’t competed in it.

‘The Spider’ added that the general feeling is that he will go to Q-School and that he hopes it will give him the bug again to go back on the tour.

“I’ve just got to go away now and decide what I want to do in the new year.”

“My general feeling is I go to Q School and give it a go because I’m playing alright.

“I’m sure I’ll get the bug back and we’ll see how it goes.

“It’s not something I look forward to but it could give me the kick up the backside I need.

“If I get the Tour Card then great, I go back on the tour, if I don’t then I don’t know what I’ll do after that to be honest.”

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Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Samuel Gill