Mark Webster opted against playing in Q-School going back on previous comments which stated his desire to re-enter the tour at the very first attempt.

Webster said that he sat down and reflected on whether it was worth doing; he said because he couldn’t give his preparation 100 percent, he decided against it.

‘The Spider’ reflected and said that this was a good decision on his part; as well as that it all stemmed from his throw; which gave him a lack of confidence.

“You’ve got to be honest with how you’re playing, and how you prepared,” Webster told The Darts Show podcast.

“With working at Ally Pally all Christmas, I hadn’t really found time to practice. I came home and the closer it drew to going, I was like ‘I’m running out of time here’ and I didn’t want to waste the time of my manager who was sponsoring me to go.

“I wanted to go there and give my everything – and I just felt I couldn’t. I was always 80/90 percent that I didn’t want to play. When the feeling is that strong, you’ve got to go with it and I’m quite glad I did to be fair.”

“Some of my averages have been pretty decent but my technique is terrible at the minute. I couldn’t gauge where I was at.

“In the space of a fortnight, I beat Nathan Aspinall and Krzysztof Ratajski but then I had some stinking results as well so I couldn’t gauge how I was playing or if I could beat someone.

“There was no going into a game where I was 100 percent confident, and confidence is key. You’d probably argue it’s 80 percent in your head.

‘It’s nice to have the break’

He spoke in more depth about his throw and said that it hasn’t been there when he has needed it; so he is looking forward to having the year off to put parts of his game right both physically and mentally; as well as also to get further involved with the media side to the game.

“My head wasn’t right in terms of playing. It hasn’t been for a while. It’s nice to have the break. I do miss it and playing is the obvious buzz but I’ve managed to get involved with the media, which is good fun as well.

“I’ve just got stuck in an action I don’t like. In a pressure situation, your action has got to be solid. Mine’s gone a bit shaky and a bit flaky and in the back end of a close game, it wasn’t holding up, and that was evident last year.

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Author: Samuel Gill