The darting world as well as the brilliant action this week at the Grand Slam of Darts have also got caught up in something else and that is Watergate.

Darren Webster and William O’Connor had needle on Saturday night where water was poured over the latter’s dart case it seemed.

Webster answered about what happened and said that he did pour the water but that he didn’t know the glass was upside down.

He added that from his perspective if he wanted to do gamesmanship he would have poured it over his head not his dart case.

‘I get on the stage, thought I’ll pour him a drink and poured him one. The glass was upside down so I turned the glass up and filled it and said be careful I spilt some and that’s all I knew about it. Only when I got back to the room and there was all this Water gate, good luck to him,’ said Webster to LiveDarts.

‘If I wanted to do gamesmanship, I’d have poured the water over his head, not on his dart case. You get up there throw your darts and the best man won and he played better than me and he won. I don’t need to do tactics like that.’

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Author: Samuel Gill